Monday, 20 February 2012

Taco Fail

BA Word of the Day:  Autoglass Repairs. Know the jingle "Safelite repair, Safelite replace"? Replace Safelite with Autoglass and you have the entire picture. It's the only commercial I have seen that is completely the same as the American commercial only with British accents and a different name. And for some odd reason it tickled me enough to put it as the Word of the Day.

So let's do a quick run through of the cool things that I have done since my last post. I did the following:

-Wednesday:  Saw my first theatre show in London, A Midsummer Night's Dream! Excellent time!
-Thursday:  Went to a 3D party at Fabric with the Greenviewians
- Thursday and Friday:  Went to a start up company boot camp for my internship; super inspired to start my own company some day
-Saturday:  Went shopping in Camden (elaboration on this trip below; Cyberdog shop pictured above)
-Sunday:  Went to a pub down the road
-All week:  Got a sore throat

And today is Monday. Ok, Camden Market is kinda epic. For example, this store. You enter and there are two dancers standing on balconies dressed and dancing like they are at a rave. I wish I could have taken pictures of the staff for my blog. Maybe in the future. It's three stories of black light items to rave over (Hehehe). The things in this store are meant for raving and light up under black light. If fact, one of the girls that I went with colored her hair pink and her pink hair lit up under black light. In short, Camden Market is worth the visit if you are ever in London (PS I think there should be a website called

Today... I epic failed at making tacos. I got the wrong seasoning, I got the wrong cheese (seriously UK, where is the fiesta blend cheese?), it was all wrong. And I was so pumped about having tacos. It was a huge mess. I was kinda embarrassed. But I kept trying to cook it and went on with it. I even overstuffed the first taco because I was really discouraged. But then... it tasted not so bad! And then all the sudden I was really proud of my cooking (even though it was messy). It was probably one of the worst meals I have ever made, but the fact that it was actually edible (unlike what I thought it would be) made me pretty happy. 

Point being:  Sometimes you go into something thinking the outcomes isn't going to be that great. But then it's not so bad in the end. It actually turns out pretty good. But if you quit in the middle, you will be asking your friends for food or heading over to Chicken Spot. So do the things that you set out to do, even if you think you will be rubbish at them. Because in the end, you might be proud of crappy tacos!

Tomorrow is Pancake Day here in the UK (no no no, no Mardi Gras here. Just innocent little pancakes). I'm sure there will be some cute pictures from that, but hopefully no pancake fails. Until then, Cheers!


  1. Sounds like you are having a blasty.... Sure is different knowing u arent in.the US :P be safe and take more pics!!!!

  2. ^ Ya seriously, take some more friggin pictures!

    Oh and better get better at making tacos.......