Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

BA Word of the Day: Food Edition! So after cooking and baking over the past few days, I've found that there are some significant differences between what we call certain foods and how we eat them. I shall go forward in chronological order of what I cooked.

wraps. Apparently the other day I made wraps, not soft tacos. Anything in a tortilla is a wrap.

pancakes. Over here they have Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) instead of Mardi Gras. Huge letdown for me because I wanted to make king's cake and put a mask on. Anyway, people in the UK do thinner pancakes I think (thinner than an American pancakes, thicker than a crepe). They place selected condiments in the pancake (whipped cream, syrup, oh and the shelves are cleared of Nutella on the days before Pancake Day), wrap them up, and eat them with their hands (basically crepe style). And eating bacon with pancakes is unheard of over here (although it did get approval from some people here).

biscuits. Don't ever say the phrase "biscuits and gravy" to a Brit and expect them to be willing to try what you make. Biscuits over here means cookies.... cookies and gravy is basically what you are saying. So then the question that becomes of this situation "What the hell do they call biscuits?" Bread roll kinda worked, but after showing them a picture, scones (pronounced scons by them) was the word to use. But it still didn't suffice because people were expecting a sweet scone with raisins in it.

crisps and chips. French fries =chips. Potato chips= crisps.

I can't think of anything else significant right now, but these have caused some interesting cultural exchanges.

Ok now for the cool pictures I took. Wednesday I got to go to St. Paul's Cathedral (not inside it though), the Millennium Bridge, and The Globe Theatre. Thursday I went for a walk and got a little lost. Friday I went to Wembley Stadium. Ok picture time!

St. Paul's Cathedral

Cool view down one of the roads

Gah! Why is she pointing at me?!? I swear I didn't do anything wrong today!

Cool lamppost... in front of StPC (my new abbrev for it)

Occupy London at StPC

Another cool lamppost

Occupy London at StPC... Seriously why would they do that in front of a cathedral?

I don't know if you can see the guy back there right up against the fence... but  he is some sort of security guard. I figured since he was coyly trying to be a security guy, I would coyly take a picture of him.

View of the Shard of Glass. What is the actually name of this building anyways?

Tate Modern. A museum that I did not have time to go in.

The Globe!

Walking across Millennium Bridge

Shard o' Glass and some other buildings

Oh my gosh! I'm closer to The Globe!

London Bridge from Millennium Bridge. I took a picture of a bridge from a bridge... Yea.

StPC from the Millennium Bridge

Two guys practicing a sword fight in the Exhibition center of the Globe
 A little bit about the Globe must be mentioned. First of all, in case you didn't know, the idea of rebuilding it was an American's idea. Second, we went in while there was a rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream going on. I think it's pretty cool that I got to go into the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe and see a tech rehearsal of a Shakespeare play. Third, we weren't suppose to take pictures inside the Globe... but I really wish I would have.

So the other day I decided to go for a walk. I found this cool little pathway, but I got kinda lost. I found out that the houses just north of where I live are really nice though!

And then I found this beautiful view of London whilst being lost. My camera and photography skills don't do this view any justice.
 Friday I went to Wembley with Hayley because she is working there and needed to time how long it would take to get there.
Good thing we weren't on this bus ;)

I think I need to make a meme that says "Not sure if it's a giant roller coaster... or Wembley Stadium"



Wembley again

Wembley yet again

The roller coaster

Hayley as close as any of us would get to riding the Wembley roller coaster ;)
 There are black cabs all over London with cool designs and ads on them. On Wednesday I saw a Coach cab but was deeply saddened when I couldn't get a picture.
Coach black cab
And then we found one near Wembley!!!!! Yay!

7 11 in London

Staples Superstore in London
I went in and asked for you, Buddy, but they said you weren't there :(

Hayley at her uni
Hayley had to drop by her uni to get some papers sorted out. This little building is all her uni consists of. Yes, my friends, there is a university more jank than Indiana State. I know you probably can't believe, but here is the proof.

So that is it! All of my fun pictures from the week. Don't really know what's in store for the next few days, but I'm sure I'll find something to blog about. Until then, Cheers!

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