Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow in London

BA Word of the Day:  oregano. As in the spice oregano. In the US, we say it with the accent on the second syllable. In England, they say it with the accent on the third syllable. It's crazy because if I say it the American way, everyone cocks their head and gives me a look like "What the heck did you just say?" and then I say it the English way and they give me that drawn out "Ohhhhhhhh".

So it snowed in London in case you didn't here. And it was beautiful. We had a massive snowfight. I tried to make a snowman, but he got destroyed in the snowfight. His remnants ended up on my head (as pictured above).

I remember getting made fun of in class by teachers for those of us in the class being excited about snowfall and looking out the window from the desk. Well, students in London are the same. When it started snowing in the other day, we ran to the windows to look at the glistening flakes. Then we put on our winterware and tromped on the fresh snowfall. We grabbed fluffy white scoops, clumped them together, and launched them at each other in a massive free for all snowfight. 

It’s funny. You do things that sound fun and never think if anyone across the world does the same thing. I guess my thought before coming to London would have been “Well surely they don’t have enough space in such a city to be able to have a snowfight or build a snowman.” Not true. Students in London order pizza, play video games, and hang out in the lobby of their dorm just the same as American kids (maybe even more). They watch YouTube videos and surf Facebook. They even have snowfights when the opportunity presents itself. 

Tomorrow at 10am I start school. I don't know where my classroom is. And I will likely watch the Super Bowl tonight. I'll let you all know how my first day of London college is. Until then, cheers!

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