Sunday, 12 February 2012

Internship and A Day at the Museums

BA Word of the Day:  bus route 271. How did you say it? Did your pronunciation rhyme with ‘out’ or did you say it like ‘root’? Also, did you say ‘two seventy-one’ or ‘two seven one’?

British pronunciation:  bus root two seven one
American pronunciation:  bus raut two seventy-one

Yea, it’s the little things that tell everyone around you that you are American.

For instance... Taking a picture of the statue of George Washington at Trafalgar Square


I had my first few days of my internship this week. It's at Carbon Voyage, a small start up company housed in a campus building (pictured above). I'll have to take a picture of the tiny office this company works out of. Anyways, the people that work for CV (the 3 that I have met) are really fun and chill. My task is to create a sustainability training for TfL's freight operator recognition scheme, a program that looks to improve London freight delivery. Just in case you didn't know, traffic in London sucks. Oh, and TfL is Transport for London, the government agency that runs the trains and tubes and buses. So I'm excited to get started on that soon!

I have now been to all of my classes as well. My two HR related classes seem like they will be pretty informative and useful. I was a little worried about one of my classes being too similar to another class I have taken in the US, but it will cover different material, so I'm going to stick with it.

The gem of my classes... Theatre in London. The professor is energetic and funny... Oh yea, and we get to see one show a week. The first show this Wednesday will be A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not my favorite Shakespeare play by far, but hey! I can't complain! I get to see a Shakespeare play in London! The worst part about the class was hearing about the amazing shows the professor couldn't fit into the class's budget. For instance, Einstein on the Beach is showing, but we can't go as a class. If I want to pay to go see it on my own, I could... Hmmm...


This weekend me and a girl that I live with, Hayley, went to the British Museum and the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. The nice thing about both of these museums... They are free!!!!!!!! 

So, if you want to go see the Rosetta Stone, the stone that holds the code to Egyptian hieroglyphics, it's free. But make sure you grab a map because we got kinda lost. These museums are huge.

Then we hopped on a bus to Trafalgar Square. At Trafalgar Square there are monuments of famous people, human rights protesters, and a countdown to the London Olympics. 199 days to go!

This is a photo at Trafalgar Square of the Palace of Westminster I believe. Don't quote me on that.

Oh, and I took my bear Chester with me! This is Chester in front of the National Gallery. If you are in London, you have to visit the National Gallery. There are a few Van Gogh's and de Goya's and Monet's and Manet's and a couple Caravaggio's and a gazillion other things. PS you aren't allowed to take pictures in the National Gallery. I plea that I did not know that! ;)

So, from here I don't know what the next exciting adventure I will write about will be. Probably my first trip to the theatre or some goofy happenings here at the dorm. Who knows! Until then, Cheers!

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  1. Yay Chester! Haha. Good post babe, keep it up with the pics!! :)