Sunday, 25 March 2012

St. Paddy's Day, Playing Hooky, and Barbecues!

 BA Word of the Day:  lido. Apparently British people feel that outdoor pools need a separate name from indoor pools. Lido (pronounced lie-doe) is an outdoor pool.

 So, it was St. Paddy's Day last weekend! There was a big parade and celebration at Trafalgar Square with green stuff, bagpipe players, and plenty of beer.
 Oh and Connect Four on the stage. Which was kinda epic. The MC was freestyle rapping the whole time and made up songs about people in the audience. It was pretty fun.
 And Chester went with me! Lots of people were a little put off by the fact that I wanted to take a picture of a teddy bear dressed in green (particularly the guy who just couldn't put his St Paddy's Day festival guide down so that I could take the picture)
 Apparently Irish people (or whoever really) like to put applesauce on pork. I ran into the same thing at Sunday roast today (but they were out of pork so I had to get roast beef). Applesauce on pork is quite nice I must say!
 On the way home, Chester and I enjoyed a Barq's root beer together on the bus!
Monday (or whenever, I'm not really sure) I went for a walk and got a nice shot of a fox in Highgate Cementary. It seems really weird to me all the wildlife around here. Foxes, all grey squirrels, the works.
 Tuesday I decided that instead of going to my one hour class in the middle of the day, I would play hooky and see a bunch of different sites around London all day before going to Singing in the Rain. I went to St. Paul's Cathedral. Only this time I actually went in! And, even though you aren't supposed to take pictures, I took some anyways. Because that's how I roll. Fun fact to anyone that will be living in London:  You can go in, tell them you live in London when you buy your ticket, and they will give you a ticket (for the same price as single entry) that is valid for a WHOLE YEAR! And it probably takes a whole year to get through the audio tour, which is free with entry and done via iPod!
 And I got a nice picture of all of the front of St. Paul's Cathedral from...
 ...An old bus! I got to ride one of the cool old buses that I always see around. And then we all got kicked off the bus. They had to end the route early because of a demonstration at the Indian Embassy. So I walked to Covent Garden for some yummy food
 Then, somehow, I ended up on Southbank. I really just kinda roamed around London to be honest.

 The boat that is suspended in the picture to the right was some sort of competition for the Olympics year. It's meant to be a room for someone to live in. Epic view that would be!
 And then I decided I needed to walk to Big Ben
 And Westminister Abbey. Unfortunately it was closed :(
 Then I went back to Trafalgar Square. Seems to be recovered from St Paddy's Day. :) I wonder how quickly Trafalgar Square got over its hangover. At least by Tuesday from the looks of this picture.
 I feel like over the past few days I have been seeing occupations of people who didn't quite make it to London's West End. The lady trying to sell CDs singing at Covent Garden. The street performer at Covent Garden. The people blowing bubbles with string on Southbank. And this cool guy, painted in silver, pretending to be a homeless drunkard.... or he actually is a homeless drunkard... just painted in all silver. How much do these jobs pay do ya think? :)

That night I went to Singing in the Rain. It was INCREDIBLE!!! It rained on stage and everything! I felt like a little kid, totally amazed at the whole thing.
 And then Gee and I went to Southbank and Science Museum. She is in this picture, beside one of the eggs in the Easter egg hunt across London. There are over 200 eggs across London, all painted in different designs. After Easter, the eggs will be sold and the money will be used for some charity. Not sure which one. They are also trying to break a Guinness world record of largest Easter egg hunt.
 We also went to Mexican food at Lupita. I had a mushroom quesadilla, which was tasty! Vegetarians don't have it so bad! But I don't think it's for me :)
 And we went to Harrod's. There were purses for 1700 pounds, tights for 300 pounds, and who knows what else. Can you imagine being so filthy rich that you could just go in there and pick things out of there like they are candy? That would be epic.
 Maybe my fallback street job should be lifting cars! Haha just in case majoring in Human Resource Development doesn't work out. But anyways we went to Science Museum, which was pretty epic. We played games and maybe learned some new things.

 And THEN we got some ice cream! I feel like I eat a lot of ice cream. PS I don't want to talk about how much I spent on this tiny, yet satisfying, scoop of ice cream.
 And I don't want to talk about how quickly I ate it either.

 So last night we decided to have a Barbecue at the Castle! We all brought food and had a lovely time. But it took forever to light the disposable grills.

 Most of the pictures are slightly blurry because I have completely forgotten how to turn on the flash.

Today, we went to Sunday roast at the pub. It was really tasty... And other than playing on Facebook and writing this blog, there isn't a whole lot else I've done today.

I leave for Easter Break in a few short days! Frankfurt, Venice, Verona, Pisa, Florence, and Rome... in one week of the two I have for Easter Break! Still trying to map out where I want to be for the second half of my trip. I will let you all know my plans on my blog post before I leave. I hope everyone has a lovely week! Until next time, Cheers!

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