Monday, 12 March 2012

The Short American That Can't Climb onto the Lions at Trafalgar Square and Other Adventures

File:NYC USPS Mailbox.JPG
Mailbox (US)
Letterbox (British)

BA Image of the Day!  Where I put my mail.

I thought "Wow the mailboxes over here look funny!" And then I realized our little blue boxes probably look pretty funny to other people.

So, how's it going everyone? It's been over a week. I'm really lazy and just couldn't be asked to write a blog post, so I didn't. Until today. Because I felt bad for not giving the readers what they deserve. You deserve something to do while you procrastinate on work and school projects and such (with a little bit of culture built in ;) I gave you guys a little something to look for if you are ever in Camden Market. A little shameless self promotion never hurt either :)
I was serious when I said I will probably have a picture of
St. Paul's Cathedral at every angle by the end of this trip.

I didn't really do a whole whole lot this week. Well, I went to Tate Modern last Monday and looked at a bunch of art that I didn't really understand, but still enjoyed. My favorite is the red cloth staircase coming out of the ceiling. And I took Chester! And of course I had to take a picture with my little man at Millennium Bridge and all.

 And I have to say, I think I'm getting pretty good at taking pictures!

I had a pretty boring week. I find that since I can just lay around and do nothing since I'm taking fewer credit hours than I typically do, I take advantage of the opportunity to lay around and do nothing (even though I am in one of the greatest cities in the world). But I went to Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill Friday evening. And I got a little lost from my friends that I came with... 

Stop looking at me, Swan!
 No, seriously Swan... Stop looking at me!

But anyways, we walked around for a long time and kinda got lost for a bit. We ended up getting to Parliament Hill just in time to see the gorgeous view of London at sunset. Unfortunately, none of the pictures we took turned out that great.
 Oh, yea, and when I got lost, this is what these people were doing once I found them. Actually, come to think of it, I don't know these people :)

 Actually, it was these people. Yea, we wrote graffiti on the wall at Camden Market while sitting on the moped seats while enjoying our dinner! This is also where my shameless self promotion went on as well.
 Oh yea, and people before us decided to help the environment by trying to make a filter like the guys in the film Biodome. However, all it did was make me sing "Makin a filter. Makin a filter" over and over again like the stoner in the film
 And today I decided to run around with one of my mates at Greenview, Connor. We went to a bunch of different sites around London for the heck of it. But we had to be back by 8pm before the Arsenal match started! First stop on the list is what I presume to be a former Banksy... but somebody had to paint over it. One of the things I really want to do while I'm over here is hunt for a bunch of Banksy street art pieces. There are a ton of them in London. And if you don't know who Banksy and Robbo are, then here is a culture learning opportunity. Look it up.
But yea, Connor and I just kinda ran around and saw some sites. This is the pirate ship I bought the other day. It's how we got around today ;)
 And we tried to get the whole Shard of Glass into one picture. These buildings in front of it are people's apartments. Gladly no cat ladies or anything ran us off. Well... actually that would have been an interesting story come to think of it.

 And I took a whole bunch of pictures of/on Tower Bridge
 And we went by the Tower of London. This is where I shop for jewelry ;) (Where the Crown Jewels are kept. Although I thought Prince William was out of the country right now ;)
 And I went to Piccadilly Circus for the first time
 And I was too short to climb onto the lions at Trafalgar Square. I didn't feel like risking the fall. So I just took a picture next to the lion's butt.
 The funny thing about this picture is that some random guy ran up to me and shoved me into the fountain. Kidding! Life would be more interesting if crazy things happened to me.
Hey, there are only 170 more days until the Olympics! I keep telling people about this video blog post that I want to do, but it never seems like the right time. Maybe I'm just too lazy. Maybe some day I will do this video and not procrastinating on doing blog posts. Then again, maybe I won't. You'll just have to wait and see! Until then, cheers!

PS a few things to amend. I changed the settings and anyone can now comment on here. Yay! And if you are looking for another ISU student blog to view, a friend of mine, Nick Pennington, is also keeping a blog. He is at Edge Hill University in Omskirk, England and offers another perspective on life in England! Check him out!

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