Monday, 21 May 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Twenty Extra Pounds

BA Word of the Day:  Greenwich. If you said it 'green-witch', you said it wrong. It's said 'grennich'. Southwark is not 'south-wark', it's 'suthark'. Quays is not said how it looks like it should be said, it's said 'keys'. Yea, the Brits are messed up ;)

The Bad:  So, we got a delivery of toilet paper, but none of it got placed in the toilets (mind you this was over a week ago). I don't understand what the problem is. Just replenish the toilet paper every day, Britannia and cleaners. It's not that expensive and not that big a deal.
Not really in any category of Good or Bad:  I went to Greenwich the other day. It was alright. I went there to check out the market, in fear that I would take a two hour bus ride for something that isn't much different from what I could see nearer to home... and I was right. So destined to make the trip worth it, I started walking around the area to see what there was to do. I ended up walking into Old Royal Naval College and found these really beautiful buildings open to the public, for free (I love London).
The Good:  And might I say it was just a stinkin' beautiful day! Hehehe. But yea, I just kinda walked around. Ok, don't hate me for this, but I have now been to Greenwich twice, and I have never paid to go into the Observatory to see the 0 degrees line thingy. It doesn't break my heart that I have never seen it or anything, but yea. Greenwich can go on the list of good.

The Good:
This is where the American's have to enter Tower of London at  ;) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The Hilariously Good:  Last Sunday, I got to go to Speakers Corner. I have absolutely no idea why I waited until my last Sunday in London to do this. This is probably the best free entertainment I have gotten in London (other than the two ladies fighting at the bus stop and holding up two buses because one claimed that the other was hitting her in the back of the leg with a baby buggy and the other was apparently hitting the other with an umbrella, but that's beside the point).
There were people talking about all kinds of stuff. Religion, politics, attempting to justify or disprove every little thing. And let me tell you, the Americans are the worst about going to Speakers Corner. One Islamic guy was talking about the multiple wives thing and trying to explain it to this lady (American) and she ended up aggressively calling him a pervert and walking away. Really, lady? Speakers Corner is about debating and learning, not getting into a huff about everything and getting mad and walking away. The reason that people come to Speakers Corner is to be heard. All you have to do is ask a question, and you will be there for an hour easily. I tried to explain why I am a Christian and why I believe in Christianity to a couple of Islamic guys, and no one was going to convince the other of anything different than what they believed, so I figured I would just listen. It's amazing what you learn when you decide to just listen.
The Good:  I got to see Wicked. Front and Center. Uh, yea. While it was an excellent show, I feel bad for anyone that has to stand near the wicked witch (Elphaba) because she spits a lot when she sings. But hey, if I had a voice like hers, I wouldn't give a crap if I spit all over the stage! I sat next to an Australian girl that was on holiday, and she was hilarious! It was just a great show, great night, just great.
Oh yea, hey Ashley, I finally found the Coach store in London! But I most definitely did not buy anything, considering they are an American company and prices will be jacked up.
The Extra Twenty Pounds:  So, I booked a ticket to Les Mis on the Wednesday after I saw Wicked. I went running around Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and all that before the showing that night. I got there and the lady couldn't find my ticket. Turns out I booked for the matinee showing. She was really nice and ended up selling me a stalls ticket for 20 pounds (usually 45 pounds). So it ended up being even because I paid 25 pounds for the ticket to the matinee.

The Bad:  The guy sitting next to me at Les Mis got on his phone. I was tempted to grab it out of his hand and throw it into the aisles. Seriously, who gets on their phone in Les Mis?!?

The Good:  On Friday, a few of my friends and I ended up going to this Night of Museums thing, where the museums stay open later than usual. We got to do a scavenger hunt through the museums at University of Central London, which are really interesting collections. We ended up having a lot of fun, even though we only made it to UCL and the British Museum.

The Bad:  I walked in front of a fertility doll at one of the museums. Eek!

Next blog will be about my weekend that I just got back from in Stratford Upon Avon! And it will be within the next 24 hours! Yay!

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